Government Funded Packages

HCP (Home Care Packages)

What are Home Care Packages?

A Home Care Package is a government subsidised package of services designed to meet your needs to help keep you safe, independent and living at home for as long as possible. The government offers 4 different package levels (basic to high level) Australia wide. Services are based around your individual needs, allowing you to decide on the type of care you receive, how it is delivered and who provides that care.

What are the benefits of a home care package?

A Home Care Package can help you retain your independence where you feel comfortable and safe, at home. A HCP can provide relief, help avoid inactivity and isolation and get things done that aren’t safe for you to do anymore. Importantly, it can slow down the need for even greater support, like a Retirement Home.

What types of services are included in a Home Care Package?

Our goal is to maximise the value of your package. Depending on your needs, a range of supports can be provided, including cleaning & washing, meal preparation, gardening, telehealth, therapies & allied health, personal care, shopping, transport, home modifications and more.

Who pays for a Home Care Package? / What fees might I have to pay?

Home Care Package funding is a subsidy from the Australian government. You can be asked to contribute a basic daily fee and an income-tested fee, depending on your personal circumstances. The basic daily fee is set by the government at a percentage of the single basic age pension. The fee varies depending on your home care level. Any additional fees you have agreed to pay for further care and services that are not covered by your home care package.

CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Packages) – Central West

What is CHSP?

CHSP provides a range of entry-level ages care services to assist people to keep living independently at home and in their community. It further aims to provide respite services to give carers a break. If you need assistance with a few daily tasks to help manage living at home, CHSP may work for you.

Who can access CHSP?

Those who are age 65 or over (50 or over for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Peoples) and need assistance to continue living independently at home.

What areas to we service?

In January 2020 Reliant was acknowledged as a CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Package) provider in Central West NSW. We are predominantly involved in supplying respite care to ensure that carers as well as clients have the support they need. We are keen to establish Reliant as a leading provider of services in this area.


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